Painting an eye

I usually paint fluffy animals but I thought I’d try my hand at fine art painting, this is inspired by my painting of Lady Alien, although the words illuminati eye come to mind. I’m not selling this one, it’s going on all kinds of crazy products, from phone cases to mini skirts. I took my time layering colours, allowing the paint to dry then adding more layers, resulting in a bolder picture. The most important bits are the white highlights, which make the eye come alive. Eye Color Love by Sophie Appleton.


Seahorse painting 

For all those seaside lovers, and salt water marine enthusiasts I thought I’d paint a seahorse this week. I’d love a tank with marine fish but when reading up on the topic I found it would take up to much time as taking care of them is so different to your big standard goldfish tank. Seahorse size 12”x9” watercolour by Sophie Appleton.

Painting Chickens

A couple of chirpy chickens, sadly we only have one chicken in our garden now, the other 4 gradually went from old age over the years – and no we didn’t eat them! We won’t be getting any more as I was unaware that keeping chickens also attracted rats because of the bedding and food. This chickens artwork is watercolour with pen work added for a modern twist. Size 12”x9”, by Sophie Appleton.

Tabby Cat Painting 

There is something so captivating when watching a cat in the garden. The simplest of things that we take for granted hold such adventures and interest. I sometimes wonder how our world would appear to us if our senses could be heightened. Watercolour and pen work, size 12”x9”, by Sophie Appleton.

Butterfly Watercolour 

I’ve seen a few more butterflies in our garden this year. This butterfly painting was tipped and rocked, manipulating the water to run outwards from the butterfly’s body. This gave the wings a lighter than air feel to the tips. Size 12”x9” By Sophie Appleton.

Sheep Watercolour 

Sketchy style watercolour of two sheep with the leaves in the background making the shape of a heart. A rather fitting title for this painting could be ‘Love Ewe’.

Flowers in Watercolour 

Cottage Garden Flowers in watercolour with modern black ink swirly details. Being as the summer is ending I thought I’d paint a floral. When I’ve had bunches of iris in a vase they never seem to open up, my lovely hubby planted some in the garden and those ones do really bloom. Hope it brightens up your day :-)

Contemporary Painting Owl

Owl watercolour painting with layers of bright colours giving this a modern contemporary twist. ‘Owl Wisdom’ by Sophie Appleton is size 12″x9″. Hopefully those bright eyes will catch your daydreaming gaze and spread a bit of wise old owl wisdom in your direction.

Painting of a dog

Painting black dogs don’t have to be bland, add lots of unusual colours. This watercolour painting has a cute angle of looking upwards, the painting is based on a photo of my own dog when calling her for a dog treat to put her lead back on after a long walk. By Sophie Appleton. 

Tulip Breeze Watercolour 

This is a contemporary painting of tulips on a breezy day. Being from England we have a lot of breezy days. It looks far fresher in real life, photographing it at night the camera flash has not done this justice. Size 12″x9″ By Sophie Appleton.

Dog painting 

This painting is called ‘Bert’ by Sophie Appleton. I wanted to spend more time on a detailed nose and eyes, letting the colourful fur really jaz it up. Painting size 12″x9″ and I think it is a Terrier dog.

Teddy Bear

I took my time painting this one and was pleased with the end result. I hope you enjoy looking at it to. This teddy bear was painted in the evening, a daylight bulb helped me see the colours more clearly as they mixed and swirled. Watercolour size 12″x9″ by Sophie Appleton.

Miniature Iris Painting 

ACEO size of 3.5″x2.5″. Delicately hand painted miniature watercolour. This should look great in all those little nooks and crannies in your home like on the mantelpiece or windowsill.  Watercolour and pen painting by Sophie Appleton.

Thanks for viewing New Art

Thats all the available NEW ART so far. I remove the sold ones from above to declutter. Below are a few informative articles. Some weeks I paint several, other weeks my paint brushes just collect dust. The ‘Added Info’ icon on the SWIRLY SOPH ART phone app has more detailed information about these Original Paintings or view my Artists website

Size 12″ x 9″ Paintings

This photo should give you a visual idea of the scale of my paintings, which are usually size 12″x9″. Sometimes I paint 14″ or 16″ size paintings. If you have bought from me in the past you will recognise my standard size business card :-) 

Size of an ACEO painting 

ACEO stands for ‘Art Cards, Editions and Originals’. The size is 2.5″ X 3.5″ or 89mm X 64mm. The ACEO that I create are hand painted in watercolour & pen. This photo gives you a visual idea of scale with my standard size business card on the mini easel stand (which I bought on eBay for £2).

Keep it yours

If you have purchased a painting from me and you’d like to send friends a photo of it, please make sure that you obstruct it in some way with writing edited over the photo or lay something over the image, it helps to prevent a clear printable image from floating around the internet. Copyright of all my creations remains with myself Sophie Appleton.

How I Start a Painting

There is no right or wrong way to start a painting. When I’m painting a commission painting from a photo I pencil draw first, unlike when I’m making up a painting. Also I start with the eyes because this feature must get the animals character or I get the dustbin. By Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist.

Tell me what to paint next

Have a go on the ‘Poll’ icon on the phone app SWIRLY SOPH ART. The next time I pick up a paint brush you might see your choice among the New Art. Your opinion is so valuable and helps inspiration when I look at that blank sheet of watercolour paper wondering what to paint next. Poll is anonymous.

Your name on a painting

When you order a commission painting you can add special names or dates to the artwork. Make the wording as subtle or bold as you desire. This ‘Modern Rose’ was personalised with a name added to the leaf in paint so that it was not greatly obvious at first glance. By Sophie Appleton.

Painting a Print

This painting has been made into a print. While painting it I added lots of strong colours and interesting textures which which I hope you agree, looks fab. I occasionally draw a basic pencil outline before painting but more often than not I paint directly on to a blank sheet.

Wet on Wet painting.

Some paintings I have painted in a looser style, wet on wet as it is called in watercolour techniques. Wetting the page first then when the sheen of water sinks in looking damp, I add the paint. It lets the paint flow and soften at the edges. ‘Fluffy’ size 12″x9″ By Sophie Appleton. 

Happy Accidents Watercolour

With watercolour it is very unpredictable how the paint will mix and blend on the paper, due to the different pigments each colour holds. Even happy accidents can turn out well. This ‘Captivating Cat’ painting blended with bubbles of white paper showing through, ideal for fur. By Sophie Appleton.

Personalised Theme Painting 

This Dodo painting was created at a customers request, I’d never painted one before so it was a challenge. The customer also wanted feminine accessories on the Dodo like hair flowers, necklace, handbag, makeup. Adding personal words to the on the letters on the handbag pattern as well as a special date in tiny white paint on the handbag trim. By Sophie Appleton. 

Adding Colour Contrast

I have used the opposite colours of purple and orange to add a zesty focal point. When choosing the colours to add in a painting, it’s handy to have a basic idea which colours gently sit side by side and which give a shocker of a contrast. By Sophie Appleton 

Creative Thinking Blog

I had someone vote on the poll, meaning on this app ‘Swirly Soph Art’, for a fine art painting. So here it is to brighten your evening, by Artist Sophie Appleton. I then decided to use this painting for one of my nonsensical articles, on Amoeba Fox which is a blog intended to inspire your mind. Have a read of all the articles I’ve written so far on Click on this paragraph, then click for more.

Writing a Novel

Being dyslexic, and having Irlen Syndrome, creative writing is not the easiest of tasks but I’m enjoying the challenge. This painting I did has been repainted twice for different customers and I’m using the image of this one to headline my attempt at a novel called ‘Sectioned Alien’ by Sophie Huddlestone (that’s me Sophie Appleton). Click on this paragraph, then click for more